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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio (a.k.a. ZEN)   Leave a comment

SAP  BusinessObjects  Design Studio 

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio   represents  BEx Web & BEx Web Application Designer successor. Design Stuido allows for intuitive design of centrally governable analytic content ranging from guided analytics to sophisticated OLAP applications and aggregated dashboards. 
The product features iPad support, an  HTML5 User Interface, differents themes available for application and a WYSIWYG Eclipse-based designer, full & native support of BW BEx queries, direct connectivity to HANA as well as an advanced scripting engine.

Available features in detail:
– Intuitive WYSIWYG design environment for designers
– Large set of design components (buttons, tabs, dropdown menus etc.)
– Extend via scripting language (subset of JavaScript)
– Enterprise Ready Life Cycle Management
– Central Supportability
– Theming & Customizing iPad Support built-in Apps are ready for immediate usage on standard
web browsers and mobile devices (HTML5 )
Direct & native support for HANA & BW
– Operates directly on BEx Queries, InfoCubes and Hana views
– Support for BW & HANA specific engine- & platform services.
Initial View Editor for SAP HANA and SAP BW DataSource

Useful and intuitive editing of HANA views and BW InfoProviders within Design Studio:
– Via drag and drop
– Add additional filters
– Change display to key or text
– Sorting, defining scaling facors and calculating totals for measures
– Pause refresh while editing initial view
– Reset changed view to the initial status
– Create crosstab and chart directly from initial views
– Configure options for chart
– Activate hierarchy display
Pre-delivered templates to enable rapid implementation
– Template for applications running on desktop
– Templates for applications running on iPad

Integration into SAP BI Mobile Solutions

Convinient and unified user access for large mobile community:
– Download and access Design Studio applications via SAP BI Mobile Solutions (native iOS application)
– Leverage the collaboration functionality (e.g annotation, SAP StreamWork etc)
– Unified usability through SAP BI Mobile Solutions
– Enable large mobile community

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Dashboards on BusinessObjects Mobile BI 4.4   Leave a comment

Finally has arrived: BusinessObjects Mobile BI 4.4
wich allows to access to Dashboards on Mobile device and so on IPad and Android Tablet and phones.

Dashboard for SAP BI Mobile supported features:


  1. through Query Panel
  2. on Universes
  3. on Query Bex (SAP BW)
  4. on Hana Universes
  1. Labels
  2. Images component
  3. Combo box
  4. Label based Menu
  5. Radio button
  6. Scorecard
  7. List View
  8. Icons
  9. Slider
  10. Progress Bar
  11. Toggle button
  12. Push button


  1. Column Chart
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Pie Chart
  4. Line Chart
  5. Combination Chart
  6. Stacked Bar Chart
  7. Stacked Column Chart
  8. Gauge

  1. Tab Set
  2. Canvass Container
  3. Component Groups

Please Note that at the moment Prompt component is not available.

You will find not compatible components and features on the Compatibility Panel.

Keep following the blog for further details and update!

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How to install live office XI 3.1 with Office 2010   Leave a comment

Error: Microsoft Office XP and later applicatations: Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint must be pre-installed.

BO XI 3.1 SP 4
Xcelsius 2008 SP 4
Live Office XI 3.1 SP 4

If you need to install Live Office on a pc with Office 2010 already installed you will get the following warning:

In can bypass this error with a
 a workaround wich aims to avoid that MS installer checks if Office is installed.

In order to do so you need an MSI editor, we suggest

So follow these steps:

Create a copy of  Lifeoffice.msi file located in the Package folder.

Open with InstEd the  Lifeoffice.msi file and select the “Tables” tab and click on LaunchCondition;

Then delete the row which refers to Office ( “EXCELl10 OR OUTLOOK10″)
and save the file.

Then run this modified Lifeoffice.msi, 
previous error will not appear any more and you will accomplish your installation!

Please note that this Workaround can be used with Xcelsius.msi file when installing Xcelsius 2008 SP 3 with Office 2010.

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Add an opendoc link in a SAP Dashboards   Leave a comment

How to add a link in a dashboard  in order to open a document in SAP BI 4 platform

First of all I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Let see how to insert a link to a document  that has been already published on SAP Business Objects 4 platform.
Go to Web Connectivity menu in SAP Dashboards 
as shown in the following image
Select the 
URL Button
and drag an drop it 
in the chosen position on the canvass

Then select button Property tab 

assign a name to button label
 and then insert the appropriate URL

in the following format


In this way, after publishing the dashboard on BILaunchpad  when you will click on the Open Workspace url Button 

the related document will be opened:

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How to Improve Dashboard performances – Decalogue   Leave a comment

Improving SAP BO Dashboard performances Decalogue

1. Avoid Excel formulas if is possible so Try to reduce using formulas as much you can

2. Un-nest Excel formula if you can

3. Avoid linking cells

4. Avoid array Excel functions like sumif, sumproduct

5. Limit dashboards components number

6. Reduce or avoid container components

7. Try to make a simple dashboard model in order to make also simple and easy it’s maintenance and it’s evolution

8. Prefer QaaWS to LiveOffice when connecting to many universes otherwise it’s better using Webi Reports because you can load heavy data by scheduling Webi reports, besides in Webi it’s easier  to do calculations and values  formatting .

9. Inorder to improve dashboard performances schedule Webi reports, better if not at the same time.

10. If possible you can use triggers on the cells in order to update data from Webi reports.

Sap BO Dashboards 4.0 – Xcelsius 2008

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World Sales Dashboard template   Leave a comment

Let’s see how create a  simple Sales Dashboard  which has as main component the

Accordion menu
which allows to have a multiple level hierarchical filtering.
This means that you can first select the top level hierarchy dimension in our case the ‘Country’ and then you can choose one of the ‘Products’ sold in the selected country:

The columns chart shows the sales for that kind of bike in the months of the year.

In the following image you will see how data changed when you select an other kind of product

Below  you can see how create the Excel file in order to create this dashboard.
In the yellow are will be drilled the months sale data after selecting the two hierarchical dimensions.
Under this line there are different tables for each Country that can be selected which contains sales data per product for each months.

Below is detailed how to set the Accordion Menu

You can find the related files on SAP COMMUNITY NETWORK,
in the following link another example with related files:


For  more Dashboards templates and example:

Xcelsius Dashboard template files


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Xcelsius Dashboard template files   Leave a comment

In order to learn how to create  a Transportation dashboard  

you can  study this  dashboard example.

 Here you can choose  between ‘Company Total’ page  and ‘Top 5 What if analysis’ pages.

Let’s see the first page  ‘Company Total’:

On the right you can select six labels which corresponds to  different analysis:

ABC  2006
Acme 2006
XYX  2006
Total  2006
Total  2005
Same week 2005.

All the tabs acts have the same functions.

Besides selecting one of the Top ten customer 

you will see the drill of related data in the bottom bar charts for each analysis type,
follows the image about selecting the 7th customer:

The second page is about ‘Top 5 What if analysis’ 

On the left panel,
you can see the What if analysis that is you will see all the values and gauges changing on moving the indicator  on the upper graduated bar.

Follows the Excel sheet images that provide  data to the dashboard:

TOP 200 sheet (Company Total data provider):

TOP 10 lookup sheet 

Account detail sheet 

In order to download this dashboard template ( XLF, swf and .xls) you can open the following link:


Others Dashboards template


World Sales Dashboard template

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Sap BO Dashboards 4.0 – Xcelsius 2008

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